28 Jun 2018 - 1 Jul 2018 / Torino, Italy
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28 Jun 2018 - 1 Jul 2018
Torino, Italy
Torino FashionMatch 2018

The Torino Fashion Week (TFW)

The Torino Fashion Week event, managed by TMODA Association,  become, in few editions, an important appointment for the fashion industry.
The city of Turin represents a pit stop for fashion beginners, addressing, in that way, to emerging fashion designers who work in a very exciting environment finding inspiration from the new trends and innovation released by the city and from the huge tradition the territory has from the very past, with his famous Italian textiles’ brands and manufactures companies.

After the success of the 2016 and 2017 editions, the 3° edition of the TFW is willing to confirm the position of the city as Fashion and textile hub where tradition and innovation can meet in a perfect synergy.

This ambitious event restored to the city of Turin its  fashion  image,  without  competing  with  other  Fashion  Week,  but  creating  a very  personal  identity.

It’s addressed to the huge crowd of designers, textiles’ labs and manufactures companies who live here,  that contribute to create the identity of the city:  an innovative smart and dynamic city oriented towards innovation, design and fashion with a deep attention to technology development.

The event is also characterized by its’ international dimension: it calls a global audience of companies, brands, experts  and fashion designers from all over the world.
Torino Fashion week become  a  regular  appointment  with specific  focus on: 

  • Innovation 
  • Tradition
  • Sport wear
  • Street wear
  • Modest Fashion

The Muslim market is so important and represents a huge part for our economy.
The attention on this fashion market increased enormously in the last years and it will increase more.
Torino is so proud about this important involvement in a such big event of this branch of the fashion industry that gives to the Torino Fashion Week an important character that diversify the event from the other fashion week.
The Modest fashion is influencing  also our designers and this is an important aspect that facilitate synergies and innovation among our cultures, producers and entrepreneurs.
The partnership with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council represent a serious milestone to focus on such a relevant issue as the Modest Fashion is. 

2017 _Video Teaser TFW:

2018 edition:

  • Collaboration with Islamic Fashion and Design Council
  • Collaboration with MAZE event on Streetwear
  • Collaboration with IED (European Design Academy)
  • Collaboration with EXPEDIOLAB 4.0 project  released by IIS Primo Levi of Turin (the first High School with Sport issue orientation) funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to create co-working spaces to experiment informal forms of learning and to suppor new entrepreneurship initiatives in sports related industries)
  • Collaboration with Beverly Hills Modest Fashion (ft. AL - NISA Design)
  • Collaboration with Whad: Italian Halal Certification Center
  • Collaboration with Enmark (contact point of Torino Fashion Week for China and Far East)

More info at:  www.tfwofficial.com/

If you are interested in performing a catwalk during the TFW 2018, write at: timoda@outlook.it


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Torino, Italy

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