28 Jun 2018 - 1 Jul 2018 | Torino, Italy
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28 Jun 2018 - 1 Jul 2018
Torino, Italy
Torino FashionMatch 2018

Style and Fashion Design in Sport Wear

The EXPEDIO Lab 4.0 project, released by IIS Primo Levi of Turin (the first High School with Sport issue orientation) funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to create co-working spaces to experiment informal forms of learning and to suppor new entrepreneurship initiatives in sports related industries, wants to give a contribution to the growth of a new generation of managers of the future, within specific schemes planned to boost entrepreneurship, where is possible to implement the real work school alternation, where the dual career of students/athletes is supported and where informal learning programs are developed, through sport, business culture, citizenship education and technology.

Thanks to the perfect union between sport and the innovation technology in sport wear and fashion, the Project Expedio Lab 4.0  has been inserted in the huge program of Torino Fashion Week 2018 (TFW), as one of the main issue within the 3° edition of the event.

The LISS students of Primo Levi evaluated positively the proposal to participate in the organization of the Torino Fashion Week 2018, implementing a program divided into two specific activities: 

1. Workshop on Innovation, Fashion and Design in Sport Wear  28th June , organized in collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte as member of the Enterprise Europe Network, in collaboration with CONI Piemonte and EPSI - European Platform of Sport Innovation - partners of Expedio Project.

The PIEDMONT REGION has a strong tradition in the Sport Wear sector, according to manufacturing companies and innovative start ups working on that issue. 

More specifically, the Biella District in Piedmont, has a huge tradition related to the textile production with a specific focus on sport equipment.

The province of Biella, in the north-east of Piemonte, forms a wool-textile district, a fine expression of quality made in Italy products. The strong propensity for innovation and design, accompanied by the traditional production of the highest quality fabrics, means that Biella’s textile industry continues to play a key role in the world, with a strong international calling, especially for  the European and Asian markets.

The textile district

The textile industry in the province of Biella is well known throughout the world for its traditional production, with over 1,200 companies, 18,000 employees and turnover of € 3.4 billion. The Biella industrial district is the home to wool, spinning and combing factories, dye-works and finishers, which complete a production chain technologically advanced also in the protection of the final consumer’s health and the environment. The traditional sector of “fashion textiles” maintains a significant role and is renowned worldwide for the highest quality of its products for the clothing and fashion industry. About 50% of textile production is exported to more than 100 countries around the world.

The key factors of the success of the Biella district include the experience of local enterprise, its consolidated know-how and technological heritage together with elements of design applied to the final product that strengthen the competitiveness of the industry on the international markets, also thanks to the fame of brands known throughout the world.

New specialisations in the textile sector

In order to re- launch the Biella district, the new horizons of the textile industry combine the traditional experience of local companies with innovative technical applications: the consolidated local know-how can be converted to new textile specializations, in particular in the sector of highly innovative technical textiles. Diversification looks above all to the following sectors of application:

  1. Nautical textiles (textile furnishings and materials for boats)
  2. Textile related to Sportwear: smart textile 
  3. Medical textiles (hygiene and health products, prostheses, extra-corporeal devices)
  4. Textiles for furnishings (production of furnishing fabrics, curtains, coating with a high stylistic and technological content)
  5. Textiles for buildings and bio-construction (research and applications for polymer, textile and hybrid materials to be applied also in the field of energy efficiency)
  6. Textile Machinery: engineering technologies

During the "Sport Wear Day"  participants will have the opportunity to meet some relevant companies coming from the Piedmont Region and from all over the world, working on sport related issues.


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